Tajín is a way of life,” explained the Los Angeles Times.

It is created from a mix of dried and chopped chiles (árbol, guajillo and pasilla), dehydrated lime and salt.

  • Use it on pork chops to give a touch of uniqueness to the usual BBQ.
  • Perfect with grilled chicken breast, making its juice taste just extraordinary.
  • Use it on Tacos, sprinkled on top with sour cream.
  • It is perfect to use as a decoration of cocktails, and to give contrast to the flavor of cocktails such as Margaritas.
  • It is simply delicious on guacamole and mango.

Available in 400 g format.

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  • Mix of peppers
  • marine salt
  • citric acid (E330)
  • dehydrated lemon juice 0,5%
  • of silicon dioxide (E551).
  • No colorings or aromas.

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