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Inside, there are El Yucateco sauces.


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El Yucateco Black Label (Scoville 9.000)
El Yucateco Black Label is a smoked Habanero sauce, dark and with a mild level of spiciness. The smokiness is evident as soon as the bottle is opened, and it is ideal for glazing meats and grilled vegetables.

El Yucateco Jalapeña (Scoville 1.270)
It is a classic sauce based on Jalapeño, and for its production we use only fresh peppers. It is the mildest of the El Yucateco sauces but its rich flavor and light spiciness will leave your palate more than satisfied. If you are not yet accustomed to spicy food, this is the sauce for you.

El Yucateco Verde (Salsa piccante Scoville 9.000)
It is made with the freshest green Habanero chiles, garlic and spices that blend into a fresh and flavorful sauce. You can flavor any types of meat and salads, or give your guacamole a spicy touch just by adding a few drops of this sauce.

El Yucateco Roja (Mildly spicy sauce Scoville 5.790)
It is made from a classic recipe based on red habanero chili pepper, red tomatoes and a selection of fine spices and seasonings. Its unique texture and flavor are able to satisfy even the most demanding palates.

El Yucateco Caribbean (Mildly spicy sauce Scoville 5.400)
This sauce is a perfect blend of yellow Habanero peppers and fresh carrots, a source of vitamin A and Beta-carotene. Its slightly sweet flavor and mild spiciness align perfectly with the flavors of Caribbean cuisine.

El Yucateco Kut-bil (Very spicy sauce Scoville 11.600)
For this Habanero chili sauce, El Yucateco was inspired by a Mayan recipe, the “Kutbil-ik”, which means crushed chili pepper. For those who love the fruity taste of Habanero chili, this sauce is for you!

El Yucateco Chipotle (Scoville 3.400)
It is the most recent salsa in the El Yucateco family. It is composed of a rich blend of smoked Chipotle peppers and corn syrup. Its smoky, sweet and sour flavor is ideal for tantalizing your senses.

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