Kit of Il Covo


Inside, it includes:

Cookbook by Il Covo del Ribelle with the recipes for three appetizers, three main courses and one cocktail.

4 beers (Lager / Imperial Ale)

2 El Yucateco sauces (El Yucateco Kutbil – El Yucateco Jalapeña)

1 bag of nachos

8 pcs 15cm tortillas

8 pcs 13cm tortillas

8 pcs totopos

8 pcs of 20cm tortillas

Chile Chipotle

Sliced Jalapeños

Fajitas Spices DJA

Chili Spices DJA

Taquera sauce (220 gr)


Additional information
Weight7,1 kg
Dimensions42,5 × 30 × 19,5 cm

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