3 Seasonings by Don Josè Alimentaria You Need To Know


The Achiote, or Bixa orellana is a shrubby plant of the Bixaceae family, native to tropical areas of South America. Its seeds are very appreciated in Mexican cooking because of their coloring power and for the use of both as a spice and as a condiment. Achiote paste with a slightly bitter taste, which recalls the earth, is obtained by mixing its red seeds with other spices and mixed with other spices and ground to form a paste. Achiote paste gives dishes a typical strong flavor, peppery, a bit spicy, slightly smoked, sweet and with notes of hazelnut.


Product for fajitas and tacos.
Mix of spices, excellent for cooking the famous Mexican fajitas and tacos, with a strong but delicate flavor.


Product for chili and stewed meats.
Mix of spices designed to spice up chili meats, and in general suitable for preparations of meats requiring slow cooking.

All products by Don Josè Alimentaria are a guarantee of authenticity and respect towards the Mexican culinary tradition, and they’re available both for online and in-person purchase (in our headquarters in Vicenza), both for consumers and businesses.

Products for Tamales: the Must-Haves by Don Josè Alimentaria

A typical dish of Latin American culinary tradition, tamales are wraps with a corn-based dough and filled with ingredients like vegetables, or fruit, and they can be both sweet or savory according to your needs. With their ancient and fascinating history, they’re easy to prepare and rich in taste: what are the necessary must-haves for their preparation?

Here are the can’t-miss ingredients proposed by Don Josè Alimentaria, the company based in Vicenza focused on the importation of typical Mexican products and the production of handmade tortillas that targets both individual consumers and public sectors, both in-person and online.


White corn flour used to make tortillas, tamales, enchiladas, pupusas, atoles and other dishes from Mexico
and South America.


Blue corn flour used in the preparation of tortillas, tamales, enchiladas, pupusas, atoles and other Mexican and South American dishes.


Dried leaves of corn for the preparation of Mexican tamales. Available based on availability.


Gluten-free corn tortillas of 15cm.

Tortillas: All the Available Varieties

The tortillas sold by Don Josè Alimentaria, the company based in Vicenza centered on the sale for both companies and individual consumers (also online) of products of the Mexican culinary tradition and the production of tortillas handcrafted according to the traditional recipe, characterized by their natural taste and versatility in the kitchen, which makes them ideal both for Mexican and non-Mexican dishes, for memorable and tasty dinners.

These are available in customizable diameter from 10 to 30 cm and in the classic sizes of 10, 13, 15, 20, 25, 28 and 30 cm, and can be reactivated by microwave, grill (comal), oven or fryer.

Here are the available varieties by Don Josè Alimentaria:

  • White tortillas
  • Yellow tortillas (with turmeric)
  • Maseca tortillas (corn flour nixtamalizado)
  • Whole wheat tortillas
  • Red tortillas, slightly spicy (with chile de Árbol, mexican chili)
  • Blue Maseca tortillas
  • Black tortillas (with vegetable charcoal)
  • Green tortillas (with spinach)

Kits by Don Josè Alimentaria to Experiment with Sabor Messicano

Don Josè Alimentaria was born in August 2015 in Vicenza, Italy with the aim of importing directly from Mexico traditional, genuine products and producing tortillas in a handcrafted, authentic way. Moreover, the catalog also offers totopos, nachos, hot sauces, spices, and beers, with the aim of offering to both individual customers and experts all of sabor mexicano.

If you like, they’re also available on the kit webpage to experiment with specific recipes and experiment with the tastes of Mexican cuisine: let’s check them out…

Il Covo Kit


The cookbook of Il Covo del Ribelle with the recipes of three starters, three serving dishes, and a cocktail.

4 beers (Lager / Imperial Ale)

2 El Yucateco sauces (El Yucateco Black Label – El Yucateco Jalapeña)

1 bag of nachos

8 tortillas sized 15cm

8 tortillas sizes 13cm

8 totopos

8 tortillas sized 20cm

Chile Chipotle

Sliced Jalapeños

Fajitas Spices DJA

Chili Spices DJA


Chile Guajillo 5 pc

Taquera sauce

Burritos kit


The Cookbook Burrito Piccadillo and Burrito de Puerco by Il Covo del Ribelle
Chili Spices DJA
Tortilla sized 30cm 8 pc (2 bags of 4)
Red Kidney Beans
Taquera Herdez Sauce
Ocho Reales Lager beer

Tacos kit


The cookbook of chicken tacos and tacos de buey by Il Covo Del Ribelle

Chili Spices DJA

Tortillas sized 13cm 24 pc (3 bags of 8)

El Yucateco Chipotle sauce

Sliced Jalapeños

Ocho Reales Beer

Fajitas kit


The Cookbook fajitas de buey, fajitas de cerdo and black beans by Il Covo Del Ribelle

Fajitas Spices DJA

Tortillas sized 15cm 24 pc (3 bags of 8)

Black beans 1 kg

El Yucateco Jalapeña sauce

Ocho Reales Lager beer

Kit 24 tortillas + 2 sauces


24 flour-based tortillas di farina sized 15cm and two El Yucateco sauces

1 El Yucateco Caribbean

1 El Yucateco Chipotle

Beers Kit


Box with our Mexico imported craft, gluten-free beers:

5 Lager dark gold craft beer. Alcohol content 4,6°

5 Ale auburn color craft beer. Alchohol grade 5,0°

4 Imperial Ale auburn color craft beer. Alchohol grade 6,5°

4 Porter dark-colored craft beer. Alchohol grade 4,5°

Sauce Kit

9,00 30,00

El Yucateco sauces inside.

Option 2,5 (pewter included) plus 7 sauces.