Mexico and its cuisine, a deep-seated passion.

Don Josè Alimentaria was born in August 2015 in Vicenza, Italy,

The passion for Mexico and its cuisine pushed its founder, Alessandro Marin, already the administrator of the Panchitos group srl in Vicenza, the company that manages the Mexican restaurants Il Covo del Ribelle in Vicenza and Rosà, to undertake this new activity with the aim of producing handmade wheat tortillas, and to dedicate himself to the import of typical Mexican products.

To make our products as authentic as possible, which is our goal, we chose to buy our machinery directly from Villamex in Guadalajara, Mexico.
Repeated trips to Mexico also allowed us to meet vendors from whom we import their locally made products, ranging from sauces to beers, up to the famous tequila and mezcal.

Not only tortillas...

Our main objective is to make tortillas according to the original Mexican recipe, using the best ingredients and very few natural preservatives in order to obtain a genuine product.
We also produce totopos, fried corn tortillas with added spices, the classic nachos (also known as tortilla chips). In the future, we plan to extend the production to other products, such as typical Mexican sauces, spicy or mild, and spices for the famous Mexican tacos and chili, which you can already find in our catalog as imported products.
As a company, it is our mission to import more and more Mexican niche products for our clientele.